What is an RSS feed?

RSS, sometimes called Really Simple Syndication, is a way for you to quickly and easily receive updated information without having to visit a website multiple times.

RSS Feeds (also known as web feeds), contain frequently updated content published by a website. You can subscribe to feeds to automatically check for and download updates that you can view at your convenience.

For example, you’re currently able to access feeds to our Fund Profile, Market Update video, Monthly market view and Economic insights pages.

How do I know if a website offers feeds?

Web browsers (such as Internet Explorer) can automatically detect and display feeds as you visit websites. If feeds are available, the orange Feeds button (which you’ll see in the browser menu) will change colour.

How do I view a feed?

Click the Feeds button, and then click on the feed you want to view. To get content automatically, you’ll need to subscribe to a feed.

Many browsers (such as Internet Explorer) and web sites have RSS readers built in - each RSS reader is different, so you’ll need to follow your reader’s instructions on how to subscribe. Some readers will allow you to subscribe by clicking on the orange Feeds button, or by dragging-and-dropping this orange button into your reader.