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Cash Management Trusts
Minimum Investment $5,000 Colonial First
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Cash Management Trust * CML0001AU Annualised interest rate for the week ending 18 Jul 2019: 0.45%.
(This is the annualised interest rate from the past seven days.)
* closed to new investors

^ withdrawn from sale

Δ For FirstChoice Investments and FirstChoice Wholesale Investments, FirstRate Saver, FirstRate Term Deposit and FirstRate Investment Deposits do not have a unit price. In all other products, FirstRate Saver, FirstRate Term Deposit and FirstRate Investment Deposits have a $1.00 unit price. Refer to the PDS for more information. Please see the FirstRate interest rates page for current interest rates.

*1 For withdrawals made prior to the guarantee maturity date, the proceeds are calculated using the early withdrawal unit price. This price may be significantly different from the unit price based on the Fund’s net asset value, which appears on your statements. It also takes into account any applicable fees and charges. For more information on making withdrawals, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

# Please note that due to the nature of hedge fund investments, underlying managers take longer to value their portfolios than traditional investments. Therefore, we may experience delays in receiving valuations we require from managers and, as a result, unit prices are calculated approximately four to six weeks after the end of the period to which they relate.

Longer periods may apply from time to time. The most recently available actual entry/exit prices are set out here. These entry and exit prices are current as at the time of this communication, but are not the guaranteed prices you will receive should you apply for or redeem any units on or after the time of this communication, because the actual price may be calculated by reference to a different date. The above details are provided for information purposes only. They are not an offer or recommendation to you to buy or sell securities or other investment products, nor a solicitation for deposits or other business, whether directly or indirectly, in any state, foreign country or in any other jurisdiction (other than Australia) where such offering or solicitation may not be lawfully made. The entry and exit prices shown above do not take into account any application fees or exit fees that may be payable upon entry to or exit from the fund, and are expressed in Australian dollars ($AUD).

APIR stands for Asia Pacific Investment Register. APIR codes are a standard identifier for products in the financial services industry.